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Postby rock808 » 28 May 2014, 23:57

I just noticed this is an OLD post based on the OLD Casino!
Casino has changed, and I have not spent time to find a new GOOD way to play!
Play Casino now at your own risk. -- if you DO have a way to win, please add notes below :)


Many have been wanting to know how to get the MOST out of there Casino Chips... lemme tell ya what I have found so far

First, there is a "High Roller Mode" that probably will cost real cash to get, but I've done the math and seems to be WELL worth it. You'll want this right away, and the reason is, because during the Casino Events you can win great prizes like Random Teleport and 9,000 gold and more! But you have to score a certain amount of points during the event, and it's almost impossible without High Roller Mode.

Here's how the math breaks down (from my personal experience so far):

This CURRENT event requires 100 points to win 3hr Speed Up, 400 points to win Random Teleport, and 750 points to win 9,000 gold.

At normal play, each spin is worth 1 point and costs 5,000 chips. You'd need to spend 3,750,000 chips (750 spins) to win all 3 prizes! wow!

With High Roller Mode, it would only cost 750,000 chips. Each spin is worth 50 points and costs 50,000 chips, and so would only take 15 spins.

Is it worth it? .... Well, if you're already spending real cash, then you can buy 26,200 gold for $99 (plus get extra goodies)... which means if you just care about the gold itself... each 1 gold is worth about $0.00384 US Dollars, or 1,000 gold is $3.84.

This means that 9,000 gold you just won is the same as about $34.56 USD. Throw in the gold value of the 3hr Speed Up (300) and Random Teleport (500) and that means about another $3.07 USD value. -- and so almost $40 USD worth of prizes you would not have gotten without High Roller!

How do you get High Roller? The only way I have seen so far is to buy a bulk package which includes one. I paid $99 for mine, and that also included 26,200 gold and a ton of other goodies. Even if you totally disregard the 26k gold, that $99 package will pay for itself after about 3 Casino Event wins at $40 USD value each. It also lasts FOREVER, so the earlier in game you get it, the longer term value it gives.

Bottom line... spend $99 to make a LOT more down the road over the next few months!

Also, if this was not obvious... it is best NOT to use your casino chips until you have enough to play during the Casino Event and go for the Gold prize. (Just like saving troops to attack only during Kill Event for the kill prizes)

And finally, besides that, I ended up placing #33 on the global Leaderboard for this event which earned another 880 gold and 20,000 more casino chips!
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