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Quick Farm Account

Postby Admin » 21 Jul 2014, 15:41

I found this link particularly useful and detailed
for how to set up a very quick and easy Farm account...


ALSO, as with ANY city I create, I always start with the "Build 10" Strategy to get about 60,000 Power
in around an hour of playing time. Here is a great video to show you exactly how to do that!


Although in the end he has a city with 5 Log Camps, 5 Quarry, 5 Mines and 15 Farms,
and I DO NOT recommend that!! When doing the "Build 10" ... tear down all but 1 (or 2 for now)
of each of the other types you won't be focused on. Ultimately you want 22 of all one type
(or 21 if you have a Gold Mine linked to Facebook account, which is great for getting some free gold)

Here is another video (7min) of someone doing the "Build 10" Strategy for 60k Power, with a slightly
different take on it. The video is super sped up so I certainly recommend watching the other one first.
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Re: Quick Farm Account

Postby rock808 » 28 Sep 2014, 17:41

And this link also has very detailed set of instructions
on setting up a new farm account and how to go
about daily chores to manage it:

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