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Hyper Farming

Postby rock808 » 21 Jul 2014, 16:02

This topic will get fleshed in more as I have time.
Please feel free to add more details if you have something to more to add!

A quick and to the point video about Hyper Farming:

Here is a slower paced video if you are TOTALLY new:
It's not the BEST thing out there, but it's good enough to get most beginners started.

In essence, to do Hyper Farming... you focus all your resource buildings on just a single
type of res. Although you will need one of each other type also for SH upgrades.
You also focus your Skill Tree on the type of res you are maxing out on, and better to
use skill points at the HIGHER level skills first (put all skill points in to Wood Production 3
before Wood Production 2 and lastly Wood Production1, for example)....
working your way back up to the top as you acquire more points.

Also, with focusing on only one res type you can save valuable time and resources by building up
a ton of Economic Research in only that one type, rather than having to split between two or more.

And finally, it would be good to use a 7-day production boost item once you get the production
up to about 100-200k/hr ... to really give yourself an extra edge.

Ultimately, with all your 21-22 rss buildings, Skill Points, Economic Research, Production Boost item
pointed at a single res type.. you should easily be able to get over a million units of that res produced
every hour (over 24mil per day!). Far more than you can ever use yourself, so keep an eye on your
City Capacity, and send all that extra res to your Alliance Bank before it peaks out and stops producing!

Here is a link to a more complete and detailed written tutorial for setting up Hyper Farming:
http://madpistachio.wordpress.com/2014/ ... r-farming/
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Re: Hyper Farming

Postby rock808 » 24 Jul 2014, 12:26

More info.....

The key to Hyper Farming is that each person is always producing
their specific resource type, which means you should not let your
current holding go above your City Capacity (Click on your StrongHold
and see "You Own" versus "City Capacity".

Once you get close to maxing out you NEED to send (about 50%?)
of that off to someone else in the pod (group of about 8 members positioned within 10min march
of each other, closer is better) who is producing something else.
Generally this means "Random Send" or "Send To Bank" (depending on
if your pod uses a bank or not - a pod bank or alliance bank is HIGHLY recommended
as it is SO much cheaper to protect everyone's joint rss under one city shield than to
have everyone spending gold for shields).

All pod members should freely ask for any res amount they need from the group.
The idea here is that what each member produces belongs to the entire group,
and the group grows as a whole. It's also important that everyone in the group
understands that what is produced in the group should NOT be shared with anyone
outside the group. This is an important factor to make sure the group doesn't
run out of a particular resource.

Often people ask "What res type should I focus on?"
That depends on what the others in your pod are already doing. There should be
2 people doing each res type (3 or 4 people of each type in the very early stages).
The only real restriction will be... if you plan on having MILLIONS of troops down
the line, probably not best to Hyper Farm food, because your troops will always
be eating a large portion 24/7. Even if you have food boosts and are producing
1.2m food/hr... and your troops are eating many hundreds of K per hour, that can
drastically reduce the effectiveness of your res/hr income. Troops don't need to
be fed. Having 0 food and a million troops is fine. They won't starve, so it might
be better to focus all your production on a different res type and take full advantage
of production. When you NEED food for a build, training, etc... just send the amount
you need from your bank, ask for it from the alliance/pod bank, or other alliance
members. Most should be happy to share all you need... and let your food level
normally stay at 0 all the rest of the time (not wasting).

More to come soon.... please post questions here!
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