Map of Myra

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Map of Myra

Postby rock808 » 23 Sep 2014, 13:44

I am also working on a map of Myra.

Very tedious process of mapping all land, water tiles
If there are some people who would like to help out by taking small chunks
at a time, that would be great!

Here's what I'd need from you......
A text file that looks something like this...

79:123 (the upper left tile you start with.. then the following)
o . o . o .
. o . o . o
o . o . o .
. o . o . o
x . o . o .
. x . o . o
x . x . x .
. x . x . o
x . o . x .
. o . o . o
o . o . o .

.... I know it looks very strange... but this is what I need from you to input in to my Map-Maker.
The "o" is for an Open spot (land that can have a city)
The "x" is for a Blocked spot (usually water that can't have a city)
the "." is a non-existant coord... remember, the map skips every other number
in a diagonal like pattern, so if the upper left tile is 79:123, there is a "." next to it
because there is no such coord as 80:123
but then the next tile is an "o" which is 81:123 (and does exist).

Get it?! -- I hope so!

I will soon post a picture of what I've done so far in a full Graphical image.
I have not mapped much yet, but seeing the Graphical image will help inspire you
to give the text-work I'm hoping more people will help with :)
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