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MZ changes things regularly.
Casino use to be an awesome way to get tons of gold and speedups easily. No longer.
NOW the best thing MZ seems to offer is Events in the Coliseum!!

This first post is for beginners, and meant to be as simple as possible to win.

What you need:
Epic Port (10k gold) -- your visit will be 4 hours. To make the most of it, plan to do four 1-hour Inferno Events, but only one Quest Event will make the trip worth it.
Shield (you might already have one?) .. Shield up before you go... make sure you have at least 4 hours left on current shield, or plan to renew while there (risky and takes time)
VIP 8+ (For the Quest Event we want to do, you will AutoComplete Daily's at VIP 8. If you have VIP 10, you'll get 1 more quest per Daily Chance used. Good deal!)
25% XP Bonus (2k gold) - You'll be turning in a TON of quests all giving hero XP. Maximize this by turning on XP bonus. My normal XP gains per Quest Event are about 35m Hero XP (with bonus on)
120+ Daily Chances (bought with Loyalty Points) -- The ONLY thing I buy with Loyalty is Daily Chances to use with this event.. I save all for Coliseum Quest. The points required to win P3 (top prize) is based on SH bracket. At SH21, I need 200k points. SH15-18 needs 165k points (so less Chances, but always good to think 120+ to be safe)

Watch for Coli events... they start every hour, about the top of the hour (8am, 9am, 10am, etc)
Click box on right for Events -> Coliseum -> Enter (your SH bracket) -> Inferno -> (click "NO" for gold store)
Scroll down and look for "How To Score Points" being "Quest". Note the points required for you!! (200k for me at SH21)
Scroll down more and look at prize list. If you can ONLY play one Quest Event (only 120 Chances, and you don't have 240 Chances for two events)
then look for the one that pays out Gold and Speedups.

For SH19-21, prizes look like this:
P1 = 1x 24hr speed / 1x VIP day --- (1,750 gold value)
P2 = 3k gold / 1x 7day speed / 2x 3day speed / 1x 24hr speed / 1x 8hr speed --- (23,950 gold value)
P3 = 40k gold / 3x 6m silver / 1x 30day speed / 2x 7day speed --- (184k gold value)
Total Gold Value is 209,700 gold value

For SH15-18, prizes:
P1 = 1x 300 VIP pts / 1x VIP day / 1x 3hr speed --- (950 gold value)
P2 = 1200 gold / 1x 3day speed / 1x 24h speed / 1x 8hr speed --- (7,750 gold value)
P3 = 20k gold / 2x 6m silver / 2x 7day speed --- (96k gold value)
Total Gold Value is 104,700 gold value

Once you find the right Quest Event, use the BACK button in upper left
and at the top of the screen showing "Solo" and "Inferno" Events, there is a blue Coords link to GO to Coliseum. Click it. Scroll screen down some to find map tile to port on, click tile, choose Teleport.
You DID have a shield up first, right?? Your VIP is ON? Your XP Bonus is ON?

Now open the Quests screen at bottom, Select Daily, click Chance button.
It should take around 10 minutes to run through 45 Chances.
Every 10 minutes or 45/50 Chances, you should go back to Event info and see how many
points you've racked up so far, and how many you have left to go. DON'T MISS THIS AND ACCIDENTALLY OVER SPEND!
For me, about every 50 Chances gives about 90k points.... when you get close, check back more often.

Also, besides these wonder prizes, don't forget turning in Daily Chances gives you Hero XP, Resources, and Materials!
(you get these whether you turn in the Chances in Coli or not)
For turning in about 120 Chances my average gains are:
35m Hero XP (with 25% Boost turned on)
About 4m of wood,stone,ore and 10m food and 2m silver
Also about 4000 materials and 800 gems gained. This is average is calculated by counting L3 mats = 4x L2 mats = 4x L1, etc. So if you win a L3 mat from a quest the value I add is 16. All in all, 4000 mat value is almost the value of combining all mats to make 4 Orange mats. (1 Level 6 Orange takes 1024 Level 1 Grey)

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