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I'm still hearing a lot of questions about what to craft.

After talking to many high level players, and reading many great websites about this,
as well as my own experience, here is what MOST top people has found best:

Craft a set of gear for whatever you plan to do. That means one set (Helm, Armor, Foot, Weapon, Access) for Research. One set for Construction, One (or more) set for Battle, possibly one set for Gathering and another for Monster Killing.

The moment before you click to START any of these tasks, put on your full set for that task. The gear only needs to be on when the action is STARTED, not worn the entire time the action is going on.
Example... you're about to start a long research. Put on your full Research gear. Hit "Research" button to start. Then take off gear and put another set on for next task.

It's best not to craft anything until you can craft Blue or Purple. Green is okay, but you're probably wasting items and need a little more patience :)
if you have a LOT of patience like me... hold out a little longer, until you can craft Orange.

The first two sets of gear you really need to focus on are Research and Construction.
The gear listed below I have put in order of what is best to craft first to last!!
The most efficient use of items comes FIRST in each list... craft stuff near the bottom of each list last.

Research List:
    * Accessory #1 - Glass Vase (15) - 20.00% at Blue - Glass is suppose to be easy to find a lot. If you have a lot of glass early on, make one of these (4x glass!) to boost Research some before Hero Lvl 40
    * Accessory #2/3 - Chalice (40) - 30% at Orange - Needs Glass, Glass, Jewelry, Feather -- Some say Jewelry and Feather better spent on other things since they are harder to find, but my experience is they are easy enough, and it's much harder to get 12 Orange glass for 3 Vase, rather than 6 Orange glass, 3 Orange Jewelry and Feather ... ultimately you want 3 Accessory slots filled with Chalice and/or Glass Vase. SPEND ALL GLASS ON THESE FIRST!!
    * Weapon - Scythe (40) - 15% at Orange - Needs Glass, Metal, Metal, Timber
    * Armor - Spiked Armor (31) - 24.6% at Orange - Needs Glass, Glass, Marble, Plating. --- This gives higher % than Scythe, but requires twice as much glass! So do this after Scythe.
    * Foot - Cloth Skirt (1) - 3.3% at Orange - Needs Glass, Cloth. --- SUCH a small % for requiring a glass. Many will skip this. Only craft this if you're trying to squeek every point, and everything else is done.
    * Helm - none (unless you use special items. See below)
    If you have some special items you might try these awesome crafts as well:
    * Helmet - Antler Helm (40) - 37.50% at Orange - Needs Wax, Wax, Coal, Leather. --- By FAR the best Helm for Research. Getting the TWO Orange Wax and Orange Coal might be tricky, but well worth it!
    * Helmet - Wicker Hat (45) - 25.00% at Orange - Needs WeavingGrass, WeavingGrass, CrystalEgg, Feather --- If you have trouble with Antler Helm, try this.
    * Armor - Mammoth Bone Cuirass(40) - 30.00% - Needs Snowball, Metal, Wax, Coal --- This is better than Spiked Armor, but getting the special items is harder
    * Foot - Rabbit Boots (20) - 13.50% at Orange - Needs RabbitFur, RabbitFur, WeavingGrass, Hide --- A lot better than Cloth Skirt, but again, getting TWO Orange RabbitFur will take much longer

Construction List:
    * Accessory #1,2,3 - The Odyssey (45) - 49.50% at Orange - Needs Parchment, Parchment, Parchment. --- THREE Orange Parchment is rough, but there is nothing better than this Accessory item!! You'll want all three Access slots filled with Odyssey!! (9 orange parchments in total! -- do all these FIRST before spending parchment on anything else!)
    * Weapon - Mallet (15) - 15% at Orange - Needs Parchment, Parchment, Timber, String. --- If you REALLY need a boost early on, you may decide to craft this as early as Hero level 15 (Odyssey needs Hero 45!)... but if you do this, probably best to go Green or Blue, and save more parchment for the Odyssey. A little boost might be all you need before Hero 45. Once you have 3 Oddyssey, then work on this Orange Mallet next.
    * Helm - Veil (8) - 5.4% at Orange - Needs Parchment, Hide, Cloth. --- Best Helm without special items
    * Foot - Cloth Leggings (2) - 3.6% at Orange - Needs Parchment, Cloth --- Best Foot without special items
    * Armor - Clothes (1) - 6.6% at Orange - Needs Parchment, Parchment, Cloth --- Gives higher % than Cloth Legging for Foot, but requires twice as many Parchment!
    If you use SPECIAL items, these below are better, and some you have several choices:
    * Helmet - Spiked Rock Skull (35) - 18.00% at Orange - Needs VerdMoss, VerdMoss, CrushGranite, Marble --- (harder than Rabbit Helm with TWO VerdMoss, but ultimately higher value in long term)
    * Helmet - Rabbit Helm (40) - 15.00% at Orange - Needs WeavingGrass, CrystalEgg, RabbitFur, Hide
    * Foot - Poseidon's tail (40) - 17.00% at Orange - Needs SpringWater, SpringWater, MotherOfPearl, Ivory
    * Foot - Earth Stone Boots (30) - 15.00% at Orange - Needs PetrifiedBark, VerdantMoss, CrushedGranite, Leather
    * Foot - Cargo Leggings (35) - 13.50% at Orange - Needs Cotton, Cotton, Claw, Hide
    * Foot - Glacier Wolf Pelt Boots (35) - 13.50% at Orange - Needs Snowball, Icicle, Claw, Hide
    * Weapon - Hephaestus' Hammer (Gift) - 16.00% - Gift Only from pack purchase
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