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Tips for Growth

PostPosted: 11 Oct 2014, 18:43
by rock808
According to one 200mil player (JailbaitQT): I saved res (resources) and speedups for quite some time, then took advantage of two Coliseum Events. Also used my wallet for a big push last week and was able to place in 3 KvK Events as well as KE (Kill Events) which raised my power by 80mil in 2 days. Some things to try are hitting level 5 monsters for speedups, stayed close to food-neutral for a week to stock up food, used the Coliseum to get all the speedups and used the res and gold to trade for silver, which is the biggest bane to t4 players. -- Probably went through 2bil res and 4yrs of speedups over those 2 days.

I'll continue to add more snippets here as I get them. I hope everyone else does the same as well :)