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Kingdom Rules

Postby rock808 » 28 May 2014, 22:38

Fill in here...

I would like to give a couple people access to editing this as/when needed.
Need to know who should have access (probably some DwI, or someones who can be responsible for updating properly)
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Re: Kingdom Rules

Postby rock808 » 28 May 2014, 22:56

Current NAP status: ON

Burn Thursdays (SH only): OFF

First-to-march gets the tile. (That means whoever has feet marching first, it does NOT mean who arrives first)

Level 5 tiles for DwI (yMB), KcG (ymG), lmB and players in the kingdom above 30m power. They help enforce. (Scout, send mail, if no response TILE hit only)

Level 5 food tiles are for everyone. You must clear (take 100% of res) the tile.

You kill a monster, it is yours to farm.

Before Kill Event (KE):
We generally (usually?) have a Kingdom-wide Non-Aggression Pact (NAP) in place.
No one is to attack any other player during this time. That includes no scouting.
There is an exception -- Do not farm within 15 tiles of the forest. (Or IN the forest)
Forest Farming is reserved for the ruling alliance (currently yMB/DwI) or by invite only.

During KE:
Tiles, Strongholds, Farm accounts are all free to hit.
Rally or shield and you won't lose troops.
NAP is suspended except for food tiles (They are always safe)

During KvK KE:
NO tiles are safe!! -- DO NOT farm tiles or even local Myra players will hit you. AND you will be put on BURN LIST for after KvK. The reasoning behind this, is that it's better for us to kill our own rather than some other kingdom getting points for easy kills.

Direct quote from JailbaitQT on 9/8/2014
You should not be attacking Myra during kvk, the exception would be, you see somebody who isn't shielded/farming tiles and have troops home, it is best to kill their troops so outlanders don't get it, but u shouldn't make it your focus to find people like that in Myra, if u happen to come across somebody in those situations, mail them, scout them, and if no response in a reasonable time, zero their troops

If there are any questions about these Kingdom Rules, there is a leaders chatroom for r4/r5.
Please ask about it in chat room "helping the kingdom"

A short version of these rules should be posted as the alliance description for the city called "Myra Rules" at coords 156:156:156
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Re: Kingdom Rules

Postby RF Sic » 12 Jul 2014, 00:25

There is a City called Myra Rules that can be located at K:156 X:261 Y:553. If you click on the profile tab then the Alliance tab a list of the current kingdom rules will be on their alliance description.
RF Sic
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